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Posted by: spiritrans | May 5, 2010

Ten Yori mo c5

I like characters like Mio that are honest and straightforward about their feelings. Sure, she’s a little naive and a bit of a crybaby, but she’s also strong when she has to be and doesn’t waste pages wallowing in angst, so it all works out. This is the last one I’ll be doing because I think this is a good place to stop. In fact, the only real mystery left at this point is how Michyo Akaishi managed to keep this series going for 7 more volumes after revealing almost everything important in volume 1.

Ten Yori mo chapter 5

I downloaded the raws long ago from guil666’s raw forums, right here. You might have sign up to get them, but I think the links are all still working. If they’re not, bug him not me.

Posted by: spiritrans | April 5, 2010

Ten Yori Mo 4

Happy Easter! Let’s celebrate with part 4 of TYM volume 1, but don’t hold your breath for the next one!

Ten yori mo c4

Now, about Dr. Kishiwada. I got an e-mail a few weeks ago from someone who wanted to work on it, and naturally I said yeah sure, go for it. It’s been quite a while since then and I haven’t seen any releases, but at least you’ll be glad to know that someone somewhere is working on it. Probably.

If anyone wants to pick up Ten yori mo as well, you’re welcome to it.

Posted by: spiritrans | December 18, 2009

Ten Yori Mo 3

Zzzzzzzzz…..I have a few days off work. It is my destiny to spend them sleeping. And translating manga. And sleeping some more.

Ten Yori mo “chapter” 3 Mediafire mirror

There’ll be chapters 4 and 5 too in due course, then that will be it.

Posted by: spiritrans | November 20, 2009

Ten Yori mo 2b

Now for the second part of “chapter” 2.

Ten yori mo c2b

Posted by: spiritrans | November 16, 2009

Ten Yori Mo 2a

After the attempt on her life, Mio runs into her mysterious rescuer again. But there’s something different about him…!?

Ten Yori Mo c2a

Btw, chapter 2 isn’t really chapter 2. There are no chapter divisions in this volume so I chopped it up into arbitrary parts and labelled it anyhow. If I have the time next month I’ll do “chapter” 3 too and then call it a day.

Posted by: spiritrans | October 7, 2009

Dr. Kishiwada c5

Tony Takezaki proves he’s just as fantastic an artist in color as in black and white. Full color pages for chapter 5, enjoy!

Chapter 5

Next up I’m going to do another chapter of Ten Yori mo, Hoshi Yori mo before moving on to another series. I haven’t completely abandoned Dr. Kishiwada but I won’t be releasing it as often. Not that I release it often now, but you get the picture!

Posted by: spiritrans | September 5, 2009

Dr. Kishiwada c4

Yay, more Kishiwada! I’m still hoping some group will step in and pick up this project because as you can plainly see I’m much too busy to put it out regularly.

Kishiwada chapter 4

Posted by: spiritrans | August 30, 2009

Dum de dum dum

More Kishiwada coming soon enough. One of the perils of being a pure translator is that nobody sees what I do behind the scenes and I don’t have the time to work on my own projects. But of course I’m happy I’m so busy so I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Posted by: spiritrans | August 16, 2009

Dr. Kishiwada c3

Another chapter of everyone’s favorite mad scientist manga! Dr. Kishiwada’s sociopathic tendencies start to show!

Chapter 3

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